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Clients often ask what ICT products we sell. The answer is always different. So what can you order from us as standard? Optimal performance, security, availability and management are the four cornerstones of our infrastructure services. This requires infrastructure management that is tailored to the client. Do you like to take it project by project? No problem. If you would like make your ICT costs more variable, read more: outsourcing



Infrastructure Projects

The amount of data in organisations is seeing exponential growth, stimulated by sustainability trends. It’s important for ICT infrastructure to grow with it. Our technical experts ensure that your employees can always work effortlessly, without any delays in the process. Cegeka has solutions for all the components of ICT infrastructure: from computer and server services to storage and network services. We optimize your infrastructure and processes with server consolidation, desktop virtualisation and other technical services. And you have access to the most efficient systems thanks to our continuous innovation.



Remote Management

IT is being given an increasingly strategic place in organisations. While the business has to contend with waves of new needs, the same IT department has to keep an even keel using the same tools. Is your IT department in this predicament? We will happily monitor your infrastructure so that you can start every day with systems that are running well and without interruptions. The IT team works quickly to suit the business and builds customised solutions that really help end-users. This will give your IT department the positive effect back that it very much deserves.





  • Power Hosting: : thanks to cloud computing, clients can hire in infrastructure or software from their supplier, so they don’t have to invest in their own machines or licences. They rent a virtual drive on our machines to run their software on. This has the advantage of them not having to buy their own server, which is much more than they actually need. And because their infrastructure is with us, we have more control. Another advantage is that we can also offer them a generous amount of storage capacity. All services are included in our attractive power hosting package.



  • Web Hosting: websites are businesses’ display windows. You’d better make sure you never fall out of the ether(net). Our two tier 3-data centres have more than enough server space as well as very powerful connections for smooth, stable and fast websites. Did you know that we have 1 million people reading digital newspapers every day?


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