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C-Medical Record: electronic patient dossier

C-Medical Record is the electronic patient dossier. This application gives healthcare providers in hospitals fast access to all the administrative, medical and clinical details of patients.


Properties and Possibilities

  • Consult information: general patient information, laboratory results, protocols for medical-technical services such as medical imagery, pathology and EEGs
  • Draw up letters and protocols: standard templates to which only details from the medical dossier need to be added.
  • Create medical sections: follow-up notes, diagnoses (ICD9, ICD10), flexible lists or tables (for allergies, vaccinations, medication or problem lists), quantitative data in tables or diagrams (such as growth curves in paediatrics or gynaecology, mobility curves in orthopaedics, monitoring of physical parameters) and graphic notes.
  • Integration of other applications: both client/server and web applications.
  • Generate reports: automatic import from the database is possible.



  • Available anywhere, anytime: the patient information can be consulted at any moment, either in the hospital or remotely.
  • Secure access::you assign user access rights.
  • Uniform use: all disciplines use the same software and can share information easily.
  • Adaptable:you decide how to work with the applications and adapt it to your methods.
  • Open: integration with other applications possible.



  • Client: powerful Windows PC
  • Storage on a Windows 2003 or Unix Server
  • Oracle database
  • Developed in C++ and ASP.NET
  • The application works with Windows 7.


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